My story of returning as an adult to Music and putting it together with my teaching experience.


I have taught adults for over 20 years and love teaching children also, preferably 10 years and over. I really enjoy helping people fulfill their potential, giving them the confidence and skills to have a rewarding musical life.

Claire Western Music Tutor BrightonI learned Piano as a child and later the Oboe. I loved playing but always felt extremely anxious about taking music exams, so much so that when I failed an exam on the Oboe, I gave up! I then had decades of hardly playing at all. When my kids were young we had a Piano for a while, and later I joined various Choirs, but I didn’t have much confidence to take up a wind instrument again. I organised many projects at work as an Arts Development Officer, in local government and Music education was always high on my agenda. I worked with the education departments of some big orchestras, bringing them into schools and across communities that wouldn’t have had such opportunities, ordinarily. Even though it was satisfying organising these projects, I wished that I still played an instrument. Anyway, I got quite seriously ill and eventually had to give up my job. As part of my rehabilitation, when I was recovering, I decided to take up the Sax! It was a completely new to me! Because there was no pressure of exams, I really enjoyed learning and I had a really encouraging teacher. In the end, I enjoyed it so much that I decided that taking exams would help me to progress. . When I took my first music exam as an adult, I was more nervous than for a job interview but got through it! After several exams, I started playing with bands and then a friend asked me to teach them the Sax…we both had a great time and I realized that teaching music was where two passions came together for me! Teaching or providing musical opportunities for others and my passion for playing! Later I moved to a flat that would fit a digital Piano, got my skills back and started teaching Piano too. I find that playing has brought me so much pleasure that I want to share my passion and enthusiasm and inspire confidence and unlock skills in others, because truly, it is never too late!