CHILDREN/YOUNG PEOPLE’S BARGAIN DISCOUNT: for your first set of lessons with Brighton saxophone (lessons must be taken on 6 consecutive weeks to qualify for this discount while offer applies)

6 lessons x 30 mins = £90 (saving £12),6 lessons x 45 mins = £135 (saving £21)

After your first 6 lessons, you can go onto the ordinary discounted rate:

6 lessons x 30 mins = £96 (saving £6), 6 lessons x 45 mins = £144 (saving £12) (This is the price for all ADULT discounted lessons also).

Also 30 MINUTE trial lesson – ONLY £10. If you’re not sure and  want to try out and find out about the Piano or Sax before you commit to lessons.  You will need to have your own Sax…you can hire from a local music store for a reasonable rate.

INDIVIDUAL LESSON PRICES: 45mins costs £26, 30mins costs £17


Please note that if you are a complete Beginner to the Sax, you will be advised that the maximum length of lesson for your first 6 weeks, should be no more than 30 mins due to the very physical nature of the instrument and the demands of learning to read music.

If you sign up for a discount package, you will not be eligible for a refund should you decide not to continue with the lessons. However, your discount bundle is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.




I  teach lessons on the Alto Sax (Eb instrument) or Soprano Sax (Bb) . For your lessons,  you will need to hire or buy your own instrument from the start. Instruments can be hired for a reasonable rate from a local music store.

Piano lessons will be taught on my digital Piano with properly weighted keys.

MUSIC TUITION IN BRIGHTON/HOVE: Teaching slots are MONDAY-FRIDAY  from 10am – 6.30pm.

Please respect the 24 hour notice for free cancellations. For less then 24 hours, you will be charged the lesson (unless you have a real emergency).